But I’m Going to Work Forever…


“I’m going to work Forever.”

Or, maybe not.

Either way, the day will come. You’ll want to leave your clients in the best hands and reap the maximum rewards from your efforts.

“How will I know what’s best for everyone when it’s time?”

Ask yourself these three questions:

What are the Main Goals you’re trying to achieve?

We can help determine if the timing is right for your sale. By understanding what you need financially, emotionally and time-wise out of the sale, we can then work backward through the process to ensure that the final result meets all of your needs.

What is the real Value of my Practice?

One of the biggest concerns that trigger owners to say, “I can’t sell my practice,” is the inability to set a fair market price. Through our free, comprehensive valuation process, combined with our decades of experience in your market, we can determine an accurate value for your business. We can help highlight an asset you may have overlooked, or perhaps did not recognize its value. We can give advice you can use now to maximize the value for a future sale.

Who will Help with the Process?

The terms of the sale will include many elements. It could include your ongoing role during a transition period for the new buyer, the possibility of a merger rather than a sale, or possibly offering the right terms to a buyer for the purchase of your practice.

If you had ever thought to yourself, “While I helped my clients when they sold their businesses, maybe I should get help to sell my own business,” you are not alone.

Even though you assisted  clients with the potential sale of their business, practice owners tell us, “I know I shouldn’t sell my practice on my own.” They are typically highly effective professionals, but they realize that they do not have the time, network, sales experience, negotiating skills, contacts, etc. to get it done in the best fashion. The key is to generate the interest of all the qualified buyers while maximizing value and ensuring a smooth transition for your customers.

Let’s start with a brief no obligation discussion to learn how we can help. It’s always confidential, and we advise at no cost or obligation.