As the owner of a Tax and Accounting practice, you need to know the post pandemic changes businesses must make to evolve & survive.


You’ve spent years building a great practice and are closing in on retirement... Selling your practice isn’t an easy process, all things considered. Here are questions to ask yourself that can help determine if it’s the right time to sell.


In this article, we'll share details on the process of preparing to close, and the essential information you’ll need to pass along to the buyer, to make the closing easier.


The due diligence is done, and you and the buyer are satisfied with the deal. You’re getting ready to schedule a closing date where you and the buyer, along with your AFS Consultant and other professionals, will dot the I's and cross the T’s. So what should you expect before crossing the finish line?


Goal setting is more than a fundamental business technique for achieving strategic business growth. Goal setting is the catalyst for your internal driving force.