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To gain a full understanding of your practice, operations, staff, client base, and areas of expertise. We review your firm’s strengths and weaknesses to build a plan for a successful transition.

Having completed hundreds of practice valuations, we are uniquely positioned to make a determination of the best market price for your firm.

Our years of experience in finding, vetting, counseling, and qualifying potential Buyers will result in you not only getting the best price, but a transition strategy to the Buyer that will continue to provide your clients with the highest level of service.

We handle the negotiations and all offers will flow thru us with full communication to you about details. This process takes the stress of negotiations off your shoulders allowing you to concentrate on managing your practice and serving your clients without potential interruptions from the negotiating process.

We help the Buyer with the structure of the Purchase Agreement to insure clarity for both Buyer and Seller. We carefully define the roles of the Seller and Buyer in the transition process.

We have a network of funding sources to offer Buyers, to maximize the cash the Seller receives at closing.

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As the owner of a Tax and Accounting practice, you need to know the post pandemic changes businesses must make to evolve & survive.

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You’ve run the numbers, and you know you are prepared financially. But are you prepared psychologically?